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Preparing Your Artwork

File formats

Please deliver your artwork in PDF format. PDF files must comply with the standard PDF/X-4:2008. You can upload either one-page or multi-page PDF files. You may also upload your file as a compressed ZIP or RAR file.

Page size/scaling

Please always prepare your documents at a scale of 1:1. Where this is not possible, a scale of 1:2 or 1:10 may be an option. Please also observe the resolution options (dots per inch – dpi).


For more information on the required bleed allowance please read the relevant data sheet and allow the safety margins for all products acc. to the relevant data sheets. Please do not enter any registration marks, trim marks or print control strips. Observe the aspect ratio of your document size: 5 mm bleed at 1:1 results in a 0.5 mm bleed at 1:10.


Please convert all fonts used in the document into paths or curves or completely embed them into the print file.

Colour Space/ICC

Please create your artwork in the CMYK colour space (based on Fogra 39/Isocoated v2). RGB colours as well as special colours will be converted into CMYK colours before starting the printing process. Please note that the conversion between colour spaces may cause colour shifts. To avoid undesirable printing results please do not combine special colours and transparencies in the artwork. When ordering very large quantities we recommend the use of our Premium Data Check with which you will receive a DIN A4 colour press proof by post for approval. Please make sure that all ICC colour profiles are completely embedded.

How to create black

Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%,
Yellow 0%, Black 100%

Deep Black
Cyan 60%, Magenta 60%,
Yellow 60%, Black 100%

Images, resolution and data Volume

Please use high resolution image data rather than downsized internet images or logos. All images must have a minimum resolution of 100 dpi at a size of 100% (1:1). The optimal resolution is 120-180 dpi (at 100%).

Please note: Check your print file (final print size) on the screen for blurring or "jaggies".

Please note: when using a different size scale, the resolution must be adjusted accordingly. With a scale of 1:2 the resolution should be twice as high for example. The data volume per file should not exceed 500 MB as this makes your artwork far harder to process.

Example for a document size at a scale of 1:2 or 50%:

150 dpi x 2 = 300 dpi for a document size of 50%. This corresponds to 150 dpi for a 100% final print size.

Example for a document size at a scale of 1:10 or 10%:

150 dpi x 10 = 1500 dpi for a document size of 10%. This corresponds to 150 dpi for a 100% final print size.

For very large sizes the resolution may be smaller, given the correct scale of print size to viewing distance.


Please use the template for our flags and pop up tents without changing the document size. The control paths must always be deleted from the layout template.

Important notice

We do not accept any liability for your text and image contents being up to date, accurate or complete. It is therefore important to check for any spelling errors prior to submission. We shall not be held responsible for any delays resulting from insufficiently labelled data. For each printable product you will find all available product data sheets specifying all relevant print formats and features on the right below the shopping cart button. For many items, you will also find a sample file in PDF format.