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my Oval Totem Tower

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Article No.: MYD80000
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Stands in elliptical or oval form; including glued-in spreading mechanism, flat and ideally suited for transport or onward shipping.
  • Installed in seconds
  • Incl. UV print on both sides
  • Environmentally friendly cardboard
  • Max. weight of just 1.8kg
  • Re-usable

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my Oval Totem Tower
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Article description

my Oval Totem Tower further details

  • Properties: my Oval Totem Tower is an exemplary product that gives a 360-degree visibility to your advertisements. My oval totem tower comes with a glued-in expander. Oval or elliptical totem is extremely useful when it comes to advertising displays at supermarkets, retail parks and at exhibitions. It is an extremely stable promotion solution and the graphics can be placed on both front and back. They fold flat and are extremely easy to store, stack and transfer from one location to the other.

  • Application: my Oval Totem Tower displays are noticeable at various places and prove to be of great value in creating product and service visibility into a potential market. Some places where this tower can be placed efficiently are on the high street, major departmental stores, retail avenues, and shops. Business events like exhibitions, trade fares etc. are also are great places to install the elliptical tower displays. Be it indoor exhibitions or outdoors events the all-around display of this product will be very beneficial for your advertising strategies. Place my Oval Totem Tower at meetings and POS to display business messages prominently. This is a pocket friendly solution for your low‐budget ad campaigns. Car dealers and shopping centers can easily announce their promotion campaigns.

  • Printing: The printing of my Oval Totem Tower is done with UV direct printing. The printing is supreme quality eco-friendly, weather, fade, and abrasion resistant. The printing is ISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard. The print is high quality and does not get affected by constant folding and reopening of the tower. my Oval Totem Tower is great value for money as the cost includes printing on both the sides.

  • Customizability: my Oval Totem Tower is highly customizable and one of the best ways to showcase your brand and its brilliance. We give you all the flexibility to choose the dimensions of your my Oval Totem Tower between three sizes which are 55 x 160 cm, 70 x 200 cm, 80 x 210 cm. Depending on the requirement of the business and the nature of the event, you can choose the size that is suitable for you. Simply fill up the details in our configuration form and choose out of our comprehensive menu. As a result, you get your signage, with all the other aspects of your choice while you order through our website. Simply follow the instructions and send us your file through data upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post/data media, We transfer in PDF format.

  • Durability: The major highlight of my Oval Totem Tower is that it is a long-lasting advertising solution that can be used at all temporary and permanent business locations. Your signage lasts long and always looks new as the folds and the creases are planned strategically. Not only does it last longer, but the product is highly reusable. my Oval Totem Tower is easy to fold, store and transfer as a result it can be revived without any wear and tear.

  • Convenience: Oval/elliptical display stand is easy, on the go business advertising solution. It folds flat easily without any hassle. With an affixed expansion mechanism, they are ideal for multiple kind of locations. The best feature is that in folded format, these are ideal for transportation or shipping.

Why choose my Oval Totem Tower?

my Oval Totem Tower an elliptical display tower is an outstanding promotion solution that provides a 360-degree prominence to your advertising campaign. Oval or elliptical totem displays are superbly useful at places that offer great visibility to your potential customers. So, you can install them at high streets that enjoy a good foot fall, malls that offer permanent clientele, retail parks and at business events like indoor exhibitions. They fold flat easily to save on distribution costs. As they can be stacked one on top of the other without any hassle, they do not need much storage space.

Why choose Mydisplays for Oval Totem Tower?

Mydisplays is the perfect place to make your oval display towers. We use the highest quality materials and we deliver excellent results within great timelines. Our prices are great, and our satisfaction guarantee is the best in the industry. Portability and ease of storage are the best features of this product. Not to mention, Mydisplays comes with long years of experience as an online printing avenue that helps you create a great impact.

my oval totem tower from Mydisplays is a portable trade show display tower perfect for your promotions and your best bet when you want your product to be noticed. This is the only foldable and lightweight elliptical totem which can be easily carried to any location without any outsourced transport. You can make the set up for less than a minute! So, what are you waiting for? opt for my oval totem tower today!

Elliptical Displays Stand Features

  • Easy and convenient to pop up

  • Automatic pop up opening 

  • From small to large sizes 

  • Durable lamination

  • Delivered folded flat to save on distribution costs. 

  • Less expensive to manufacture and distribute 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Fast delivery

  • UV Print on both sides 

  • Lightweight

Reusable Oval Totem Tower -Application 

  • Indoor promotions

  • Exhibitions

  • Events

  • Meetings

  • POS

  • Low‐budget ad campaigns

  • Promotion campaigns

  • Car dealership

  • Sales room

  • Shopping center

my Oval Totem Tower product data
System size55 x 160 cm, 70 x 200 cm, 80 x 210 cm
Delivery scopeoval totem tower with glued-in expander, digital print, manufacture
Printing technologyUV direct printing
Print qualityISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard
Applicationindoor, exhibitions, events, meetings, POS, low‐budget ad campaigns, promotion campaigns, car dealer, sales room, shopping centre
Data deliverydata upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post / data media, Wetransfer
Data formatPDF (PDF/X4)
Product Reviews

my Oval Totem Tower How do you rate this product?

  1. my Oval Totem Tower
    100% satisfaction
    100 % satisfaction. Easy to set up. Brilliant print. Very delighted with this cardbaord stand. Delivery on time.
  2. my Oval Totem Tower
    is okay
  3. my Oval Totem Tower
    HAnnah J.
    excellent product and fast delivery
    top quality, good service. very good print and easy to install.
  4. my Oval Totem Tower
    top - excellent service. very good print quality with a brilliant colour rendering
  5. my Oval Totem Tower
    How fancy is that!
    Cool this totem! Top! Stable cardboard, brilliant colours, shipment okay, easy to install. AND: Top service! I will order again! I recommend this! Thanks mydisplays ;)
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