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my Magnetic film

Article No.: MYD51190
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my Magnetic film is both easy to install and to remove again. The magnetic film therefore suits best for changing advertising campaigns such as vehicle advertising, special advertising, or event promotions.
  • For all magnetic metal surfaces
  • Permitted up to 120 km/h
  • Incl. UV protective laminate
  • Fast replaceable
  • Non-buckling & stable

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Article description

my Magnetic film further details

Magnetic signs are getting extremely popular today as they are a simple yet smart way to advertise. They are easy to install and also be removed without a hassle. They are widely accepted tools for marketing and they are very pocket-friendly which makes them one of the most approved choices for marketing and advertising applications. Magnetic films help make great signs that are great for car door magnets which go great for the door of the car which enables them to be visible all around and many other surfaces as well.Every surface that goes to the public eye can be made into a branding medium today with the help of this revolutionary magnetic film. Whether it's the cars people drive, the buildings where one lives and works or locations like malls, every surface today can be used for advertising and publicity. Our vehicle wraps from Mydisplays will create powerful vehicle displays, outstanding window graphics that will enhance your brand value in shape of my Magnetic film. Read on to know more about the details of this product:

  • Properties: my Magnetic film is 0.9 mm thick magnetic film that is not just easy to install but also convenient to remove again. When you advertisement needs are dynamic, this product is my magnetic film is the product for you. It is truly applicable for evolving and changing advertising needs for example campaigns such as vehicle advertising, special advertising, or event promotions. The product is recommended for all kinds of magnetic metal surfaces in both indoor as well as outdoor conditions. The product comes with a quality visibility and is highly stable and Non-buckling. The base colour of the film is white while the texture is matt. Our magnetic signs are created and printed with quality materials which are not only weather resistant also UV resistant. This makes sure that they don't fade easily.

  • Printing: my Magnetic film is composed of the most exceptional print nature and technology. We use the most superb quality HP latex technology for the printing of my Magnetic film. The use of UV direct printing makes this product suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. Therefore, your displays and advertisings look can go to any part of the city. We also do specific film letter printing that can go on top of any magnetic surface. We provide you with the prime level of printing that results in the most exceptional graphics and awesome lettering that enhances the brand visibility and gets you the attention your brand is looking for. The prints are durable and do not get easily faded and deteriorated with prolonged and exposed usage. The prints on my Magnetic film are simple to handle and easy to clean, non-buckling too. Our print quality is 6c, CMYKcm, ISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard.

  • Applications: Magnetic signs work like car door magnet which are best to stick to the car's door that allows them to be seen where ever your personal, official or fleet vehicles go, within the city and outside the city too. Not just cars, they also work well with bigger vehicles like truck doors and bus doors to target more customers. My magnetic film when mounted on vehicles is the best to advertise your business in the best possible manner. The best application of this product is realized when you want great results within a smaller budget. Magnetic bumper stickers are also a great utility operation of these films as they can double up as great banners. Basically, with the great quality UV printing that the abrasion resistant and fade proof the product is recommended for indoor promotions and outdoor modes of advertisement too. Use them at corporate or casual events your promotion campaigns. All businesses that involve vehicles can benefit a lot from this product, ideal examples being car dealerships, driving schools, taxi services etc.

  • Options: my Magnetic film is a versatile product that can be used at any magnetic surface of any size with any kind of artwork, logos and even lettering. Starting from your choice of graphics, many other elements of the product can be customized based on your needs. First and foremost is the size of your film, through our comprehensive configuration form, just let us know the length and the breadth you are looking for. Beyond the size of the film, rectangular to final size, rectangular to final size with curved edges, Outer contour cut - simple form are the cutting options to choose from. In addition to this, going for additional optional laminates like semigloss, high-gloss, crystal sand (scratch-proof), anti-graffiti (glossy) is highly recommended as it provides longer durability and enhances the life of the product. Simply follow the instructions and send us your file through data upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post/data media, Wetransfer in PDF format.

Choose to do all your prints at Mydisplays

Mydisplays is the perfect place to make your ideal magnetic film. We use the highest quality materials and we deliver excellent results within great timelines. Our prices are great, and our satisfaction guarantee is the best in the industry. Affordability and reach are your greatest advantages with my Magnetic film. Not to mention, Mydisplays comes with long years of experience as an online printing avenue that helps you create a great impact.


• Indoor display

• Outdoor events

• Promotion campaigns

• Car dealer

• Driving school

• Fleet vehicles


• Suitable for magnetic metal surfaces

• Permitted up to 120 km/h

• Incl. UV protective laminate

• Fast replaceable

• Non-buckling

• Stable

• Durable

my Magnetic film product data
Material properties0.9 mm thick magnetic film, magnetic, non-buckling, stable
Material texturewhite, matt
Durabilityindoor & outdoor
Printing technologyHP latex technology, UV direct printing, film lettering
Print qualityISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard
Applicationindoor, outdoor, events, promotion campaigns, car dealer
Optional protective laminatesemigloss, high-gloss, crystal sand (scratch-proof), anti-graffiti (glossy)
Cutting optionsrectangular to final size, rectangular to final size with curved edges, Outer contour cut - simple form
Data deliverydata upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post / data media, Wetransfer
Data formatPDF (PDF/X4)
Product Reviews

my Magnetic film How do you rate this product?

  1. my Magnetic film
    Henry G.
    easy to customize. very good, stable sign for car doors. recommend.
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