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  1. my Expand Tower Lighting Tubes my Expand Tower Lighting Tubes
    • Fluorescent tubes
    • Long lifetime
    • Low energy consumption
    • Illumination of large areas
    • 3x16 watt and 4x16 watt
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
  2. my Expand Table Top my Expand Table Top
    • For my Expand Mediawall XL
    • Available in 6 designs
    • Easy to fold
    • Incl. carry case
    • High Expand quality
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
  3. my V Sign my V Sign
    • Printed open-mesh structure board
    • Double-sided adhesive tape included
    • Optionally with suction cups
    • Printed on both faces
    • Smooth surface without structure
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 8Working days
  4. my Drive-over Base my Drive-over Base
    • Stable base
    • Suitable for almost any feather flag
    • For outdoor & indoor applications
    • Including rotator
    • Black powder-coated steel
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
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Display stands and presentation systems

What are display stands?

Various different portable presentation systems for a uniform and, above all, professional corporate image have become an integral part of today’s world of advertising. Advertising boards and exhibition stands play an important role in complementing these. Used in the right place, they guarantee to attract your target group’s attention.

Display stands or exhibition stands today come in the broadest array of shapes, colours and materials. Mydisplays offers you an excellent range in all display areas so you can quickly obtain an overview of all our products and leave no advertising opportunity unfulfilled. The Mydisplays exhibition display stands are particularly ideal for optimally presenting two-dimensional slogans, company logos, advertising messages and other advertising images.

Where and how are display stands expediently used?

Not only can trade fair stands be combined in almost infinite ways, but our online shop also offers exhibition stands for the broadest range of usage areas, including at trade fairs, conferences, meetings or events, in the gastronomy or VIP sectors, in museums or at private parties to name but a few. If you regularly move displays from one place to another, we always recommend portable advertising solutions, which can be quickly constructed and dismantled at any time.

A customised tradeshow stand as the first point of contact between a customer and a company should always be seen as a holistic concept and be adapted to the company’s corporate design. After all, the first visual impression counts when it comes to starting a discussion and winning a new customer.

What benefits do the Mydisplays displays and trade show stands offer?

Modern pop up display stands have to meet many requirements. Not only should it be possible to construct and dismantle them in a matter of minutes, but simple handling and versatile use are also extremely important factors for the sustainability of advertising solutions when choosing a display system. Ideally, all display elements should be modularly structured and suitable for flexible expansion through additional elements at any time if your requirements change. Great flexibility is one of the main basic requirements in all cases. By choosing solutions from Mydisplays, first-rate customer service, outstanding quality and fair prices are naturally also guaranteed.

How to find a display stand to match your needs

Our range of exhibition stand includes a huge array of different products. Whether you are looking for roller banner stands, pop up stands, flags or portable display systems, our online shop offers you everything you could need to attractively present your products and services. Before choosing a solution, you should start by determining your requirements in terms of criteria such as mobility, construction and dismantling speed, the necessary size, the maximum price etc.

Are you looking for a display stand for the first time? Together, we can find the perfect bundle of display options for your company, so that you can achieve optimum advertising impact. We will gladly help you devise your mobile display stand.

Whether you are looking for a classic Roller Banner Stand or an eye-catching Flag – our products in many categories come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Our range furthermore includes striking products such as Portable Exhibition Stands and ultra-modern Display Light Boxes. Also on offer are Promotion Tents in various sizes, Display Counters for indoor and outdoor use and Fabric Pop Up Stands made from special non-crease material.

Our huge range of display booths at a glance:

Our displays for all-round use

Roller Banner Stands

  • Our top-selling classic display stands
  • Fast and flexible construction and dismantling – thanks to tried-and-tested roller technology
  • Range even includes outdoor roller banners

Banner Stands

  • For short and concise yet memorable trade fair presences
  • Low-cost models for flexible advertising
  • Available in basic system, reprint or complete system versions

Expand Display Stands

  • High-end brand products with premium display stands
  • Life-long guarantee on almost all products

Poster Frames & Hangers

  • The high-end way to present your posters
  • Posters can be easily changed
  • The snap frames have a sturdy back plate and are attached to a wall with rawlplugs or hung from the ceiling
  • Protective film and hanging accessories included

Cardboard Stand Ups

  • Flexible and ultra-light all-rounders
  • Extremely low cost
  • Customisable and versatile

Display stands for your promotional event or trade fair

Pop Up Stands

  • XXL advertising space for your promotional message – grab maximum attention
  • Suitable for versatile uses at exhibitions, in offices etc.
  • Reusable – thanks to the replaceable prints

Display Counters

  • The first point of call for your customers to make contact with you
  • Sleek, professional design for a serious, authentic presence
  • With storage space for your trade fair equipment and information materials

Portable Exhibition Stands

  • Simple transportation and assembly
  • Outstanding flexibility thanks to modular system – expand your exhibition stand as required
  • Whether a medium or extra-large exhibition stand, we stock all model sizes

Display systems for outdoor advertising

Outdoor Displays

  • Addresses a broad range of potential customers simultaneously or one after another at a particular place
  • Creative advertising solutions, such as Car Topper Sign, Body Banner Stand or Personalised Deck Chair
  • Continual expansion to include creative and innovative products for outdoor use


  • Modern eye-catchers at exhibitions, festivals, in the outdoor area etc.
  • Attractive design in many shapes (teardrop, feather, wave, straight, teardrop flag mini)
  • Wide range of ground elements – for stable attachment

Pop Up Tents

  • For professional appearances at street festivals, festivals, outdoor events, markets etc.
  • Offers optimum weather protection
  • Dirt-repellent and washable outer material

Pavement Signs

  • Tried-and-tested, reliable and, above all, an extremely simple form of advertising
  • Pavement signs available in DIN A1 format
  • Thanks to the folding mechanism, you can install new posters and visuals in seconds

Want to make things even more impressive? Our striking and modern display stands

Digital Signage

  • Modern, digital and truly eye-catching advertising medium
  • iPad holder for devices from the 2nd generation
  • Present advertisements in a trendy and sustainably cost-effective manner

Display Light Boxes

  • Premium eye-catcher, e.g. in stores, at exhibitions, during presentations and at major sales events
  • Perfectly illuminated digital prints – to optimally display your advertising message even when it is dark
  • We will also gladly arrange customised solutions for you


  • Totems, Skydancers, exhibition stands or inflatable display systems in a customisable format
  • We can even create customised, inflatable, over-sized product replicas, inflatable mascots and any other formats for you
  • High-performance compressed-air blower included

Leaflet holders – make leaflet chaos a thing of the past!

Literature Stands & Leaflet Holders

  • The perfect tools for neatly and efficiently presenting your leaflets and brochures
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Highly stable and with premium-quality workmanship

The ideal accessories for your display stands


  • LED and halogen lighting elements
  • Carry bag and case
  • Base weight and plate
  • Accessories for pop up tents and gazebos, portable exhibition stands and walls, exhibition counters etc.

Low-cost yet high-quality digital printing – for optimum print results for your display stand

Our digital printing is naturally based on the latest and green printing processes and always provides you with splendid, high-resolution print results for first-rate, brilliant colour.

In most cases, your artwork is created by simply being uploaded in any of several possible file formats during the order process. If necessary, you can also order a special data check for your artwork. Further information about this can be found in Preparing your artwork and Submitting your artwork sections.

Do you need help designing and preparing your artwork? Then simply order our artwork design package and we will design your new, customised display system for you:

Artwork Design

  • A practical and time-saving complete solution for customised advertising
  • On request, includes all graphical services needed for professional advertising
  • Advertising texts by professional ad creators, translations and much more

We look forward to your order! If you have any further questions about our display stands or trade fair stands, please do not hesitate to contact us.