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Literature Stands & Leaflet Holder15 Item(s)
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  1. my Literature Rack Trend my Literature Rack Trend
    • For leaflets and flyers
    • 6 shelves DIN A4
    • To fill from both sides
    • Easy to assemble
    • Including carry case
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
  2. my Leaflet Holder Net my Leaflet Holder Net
    • 4 or 8 shelves / pockets DIN A4
    • For leaflets and brochures
    • Light polyester fabric
    • Easy to assemble
    • Including carry case
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
  3. my Budget Leaflet Holder my Budget Leaflet Holder
    • Practical and flexible
    • Excellent value for money
    • 9 shelves / pockets DIN A4
    • For leaflets & brochures
    • Easy to transport
    Excl. Tax
    Excl. Tax
    Delivery Time : 3Working days
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Literature Stands & Leaflet Holder

If you want to show off your business or products easy to remember, it may be not sufficient simply using advertising tools such as banner displays and display stands only. However, giving your prospective customers and buyers something they can take with, is a solution that leaves a lasting impression. That’s why we recommend to always have suitable leaflets, flyers and catalogues readily to hand. To help you organise the brochures, flyers and “take-on” materials, it is useful to properly and neatly present your catalogues in a leaflet holder.

Literature Stands & Leaflet Holder

Brochure stand, literature rack, leaflet dispenser – engage your customers with printed promotion

Our pamphlet holders are the perfect literature dispensers to organize your catalogues, flyers and pamphlets not only in an efficient, proper and neat way but also to present them in an appealing way for a professional look that customers surely will remember. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of literature displays in different designs and made from various materials.

With a modern and solid design, we offer lit racks of high quality providing a durable stability, from which you will benefit for a long time. Assembly is quite simple and quickly done, and due to their light weight, our brochure holders are easy to transport even by one person only. The suitable carry bag is already included in the price.

Most types of our literature dispensers are available in different versions and materials, such as our lit rack made either from wood or acrylic, or our leaflet holders available in different sizes, featuring a diverse number of pockets/shelves.

A small selection of our DIN A4 leaflet holders at a glance:

My Literature Rack Trend

Our best seller: our my Literature Rack Trend is not only in line with the latest trends but it is an elegant and foldable DIN A4 lit rack at an affordable price. This high-quality brochure stand offers much room to present your company brochures, information flyers and leaflets. The foldable literature dispenser is available in two versions. The pamphlet holder is made from a foldable aluminium frame and available either including shelves in wooden design or made from acrylic glass. The choice is up to you. Both versions of the leaflet holder provide shelves on both sides, i. e. you profit from a total of 6 DIN A4 pockets.

The smart combination of aluminium and shelves in wood design or acrylic is not only lightweight, but makes your leaflet holder or literature rack an attractive display stand that is best suitable for professionally presenting your brochures in your entrance hall or at trade fairs and promotional campaigns and events.

Featuring a folding mechanism, the literature stand Trend is quite easy to assemble and disassemble even by one person only and without any tools. The padded aluminium case is included in the delivery scope and is best suited for convenient transportation and storage.

my Leaflet Holder Net

Our lightweight: with its black mesh fabric and the aluminium frame the my Leaflet Holder Net is an extremely lightweight literature display stand. Available in two versions, featuring four or eight DIN A4 pockets each for the neat and proper presentation of your information material such as brochures, flyers or leaflets for the “take-on”, this smart mesh pamphlet holder cuts a good figure at trade-shows, in the entrance area of your company or at other events. Furthermore, this lightweight literature display is not only available at an affordable price but also easy to set up. Simply attach the polyester fabric mesh to the aluminium framework - done. Disassembling this practical lit rack is quite easy and quickly done as well.

This leaflet dispenser is virtually unparalleled in terms of lightness and mobility. The aluminium profiles as well as the polyester mesh fabric with the integrated pockets for storage of your flyers and brochures are really lightweight and can be easily transported with the included carry bag or even in a backpack, if necessary. And the simple dis/assembly makes this literature holder a fairly mobile display stand.

my Budget Leaflet Holder

Our favourable all-rounder: our my Budget Leaflet Holder is an attractive lit rack at an very affordable price, and its 9 DIN A4 shelves provide enough place to neatly and properly present your brochures and flyers. The black anodised aluminium frame construction including the pluggable white grid gives this literature display a modern and appealing look and is also quite easy to mount in only a few steps. Assembled and ready for use, this black leaflet holder is best suitable for the use in your shop, as complementary display stand for your trade show booth or the storage of your information material at any events.

Literature stands perfectly complement your booth and display stands

With their smart and simple design, our literature stands and pamphlet holders are perfectly suited for complementing or completing the display stands at your exhibition booth. These professional literature holders providing the storage and presentation of your brochures, invite your visitors and passerby to take the offered information material and find out more about your company.

And if you need one display stand or another such as a smart roller banner stand, a new display counter or a modern feather banner or promotional flag to give your tradeshow the final touch, simply browse our web-shop and take a closer look at our products. Simply get inspired by our cutting-edge product range!