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  1. my iPad Holder my iPad Holder
    • Suitable for iPad 2, 3, or 4
    • Available in black or white
    • Secure through floor fastening
    • Theft-proof fastening
    • Incl. hex socket screws and key
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Digital Signage

Digital Signage - the future of advertising available at Mydisplays

Great and successful advertising needs to go with the trend. That does not mean that classic banner stands or the advertising pillar end here, but showing off your brand or products in an innovative and trendy way also comes along with the use of state-of-the-art digital media. An elegant and smart solution, Digital Signage is the new way of promoting your company and brand. We offer different cutting-edge Digital Signage products – a true highlight in our product range. Using our Digital Signage tower and our practical iPad holder for iPads from the 2nd generation you can showcase your promotion in a way that is not only up-to-date, but also benefit from cost-efficiency in the long term.

Digital Signage – the pros of the audio-visual digital kiosks

Unlike common print media, Digital Signage or digital kiosks appeal with its audio-visual presentation to all senses of your prospective customers, maybe a crucial factor in the today’s world of overstimulation. With the Digital Signage screen, you can not only show off your brand message to your audience visually, but also emphasise it with suitable music.

Digital Signage solutions are more and more frequently used in public areas such as airports, railway stations or even in company buildings so that this modern and highly flexible way of advertising and providing information is getting more and more an integral part of our everyday life. Spreading news using Digital Signage media or providing information to your customers is extremely time-efficient. In the future, common print billboards are increasingly being replaced by digital billboards. So advertisers will save money in the long term, they are flexible to replace their brand message whenever they want while being eco-friendly.

Multimedia displays from Mydisplays promote cost-efficiently in the long run

Even if Digital Signage systems are initially significantly more expensive to buy than classic printed billboards, the cost-savings in the long term are considerable. Changing the visuals when using common advertising signs and billboards is always costly. When purchasing a Digital Signage Media Tower you get a digital billboard that allows you to flexibly and efficiently change your visuals and even play videos. Showing off the new contents does not produce any further costs except low energy costs.

Versatile appropriate to target audiences advertising solutions from Mydisplays

A further pro for buying a digital kiosk is the topicality of the contents. Unlike any other advertising tool, it is just a matter of minutes to change your brand message and communicate in real-time allowing to address to a larger number of potential clients. For example, different target audiences go shopping at different times. With digital billboards it is possible to simply adapt your campaigns and visuals to their behavioural patterns.

Digital Signage online available at Mydisplays – simply order your smart digital advertising solution

Our my Digital Signage Media Tower is available in two sizes. Supporting all common file formats, it is a reliable partner for showcasing your brand or products at tradeshows and other events. Alternatively, we offer an iPad Holder supporting iPads of the 2nd, 3rd an fourth generation that is the perfect solution to assist you with your interactive presentation.

Easy to handle – using Digital Signage is that easy!

All Digital Signage systems from Mydisplays are easy to operate and without any prior knowledge. Simply read in the data using an USB stick or a memory card. Do you want to know more about technical issues, handling and installation? Please feel free to get in contact with our kind customer service.

Digital Signage – the electronic advertising pillar

When buying Digital Signage media from Mydisplays, you do not only purchase high-quality products but also invest in advertising solutions of the future. The digital display systems are highly durable as they are designed for permanent operation. Even operating our products for hours at tradeshows or events is no problem. If you want to buy a Digital Signage media system from us, you can be sure to have a reliable and durable digital billboard that will help you promote your brand or company for a long time.

Digital Signage from Mydisplays definitely provides cost-savings in the long term

my Digital Signage Media Tower

  • Multimedia tower including a 12” or 17” high-resolution screen
  • Sturdy and elegant aluminium housing including built-in speakers
  • All common file formats, easy to read in by USB stick or memory card
  • Printable with custom logo/claim etc. on both faces
  • 230 V power supply
  • No assembly required

my iPad Holder

  • Suitable for iPad 2, 3, or 4
  • System size: 36 x 106 cm
  • Available in black or white powder-coated steel
  • Anti-theft and high stability
  • Including tools (hexagon socket screws and key)

Our Digital Signage media solutions can be combined and completed with many other display stands from Mydisplays. Just take a look at our high-quality display counters, pop up stands or portable exhibition stands. They are the perfect advertising tools to complete your Digital Signage media towers giving your advertising a high-quality and consistent look.