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my Dibond Aluminium Panel

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Your perfect choice for long-term and robust outdoor advertising. Elegant, long-life, weatherproof and shape retaining ad signs.
  • Printed alu composite board
  • Shape retaining and long-life
  • Weatherproof
  • Incl. high-quality photo print
  • Company signs & Soccer banners

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my Dibond Aluminium Panel
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Article description

my Dibond Aluminium Panel further details

  • Properties: Our Dibond Aluminium Panels are B1 certified. The basics of the product are that it is of 3 mm thick aluminium composite board. The composition of these panels makes them long lasting and shape retaining. The most amazing quality of Dibond is that it is extremely rigid and lightweight material that can make your indoor or outdoor signage speak volumes for itself. More or less, this fabrication is well suited for various temporary or semi-permanent installations that work wonders for your business campaigns. The 3mm dibond is available in white, matt, smooth and butler finish silver.

  • Application: my Dibond Aluminium Panel is a durable and the worthiest solution for your indoor as well as outdoor signages. Dibonds are highly firm and impact-proof in nature and are the most suitable for outdoor campaigns and advertisements. Ideal for company signs at shop and construction sites. You can use these for long-term advertising at permanent sites or temporary spots like exhibitions and trade fairs. Perfect for banner ads, they can be mounted anywhere as they can stand most adverse weathers too.

  • Printing: The printing of my Dibond Aluminium Panel is of supreme quality as it is HP latex technology. The print options you can choose between are UV direct printing and film lettering. The finest in the market odorless ISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard print quality is assured while we print your diboard signages with Mydisplays. We understand that every business has a unique advertising requirement as a result, on-demand print sizes can be ordered.

  • Customizability: We give you all the flexibility to choose the dimensions of your dibond aluminium panel. Simply fill up the details in our configuration form and choose out of our comprehensive menu, cutting options such as rectangular, rectangular to final size, contours and also assembly options like boreholes, two-sided adhesive tapes or stainless steel wall spacers are available. As a result, you get your graphics and text on your panels, with all the other aspects of your choice while you order through our website. Simply follow the instructions and send us your file through data upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post/data media, Wetransfer in PDF format.

  • Durability: my Dibond Aluminium Panel is manufactured with high-quality techniques coupled with top class printing. Strong factor that contributes to the durability of Dibond is it’s resistance to warping and curling. Due to this superb quality, it has become an ideal solution for multiple outdoor applications. Especially when it comes to adverse weather conditions like humidity and moisture. It can be cut to any shape without the danger of warping or curling at the edges, so it becomes perfect for multiple outside uses like building signs and marquee signage.

  • Versatility: Thanks to its composition, this panel boasts of a versatility that allows routing. Being a super lightweight and rigid composite material, it is ideal for large signage applications. Shop operations like shopfront signs and full shopfront builds are achieved easily. Other major multiple utilities are illuminated lettering, architectural signs, and industrial signs. It is ideal for POS / POP display at various settings like trade fairs and exhibitions.

Why Dibond

Today, as time is the most important aspect of any business. Permanent solutions are a key to business success. Hence, for your promotional and other business displays, Dibond could be one of the most sturdy, lightweight, and weather resistant materials. It is a great material when it comes to printing and making signs out of it. It is one of the most outstanding solutions for creating long-lasting durable signs for indoor as well as outdoor promotional uses.

Printing and Dibond

Dibond is a very effective material when it comes to quality printing you’re your advertising needs. Dibond can be printed on directly with solvent-free, non-toxic UV resistant inks. If one uses UV resistant inks your signs will be sunlight and weather resistant and retain their color long term.

Mydisplays quality assurance:

When you print your Aluminium panels with Mydisplays gives you the ultimate satisfaction in both manufacturing and printing job. At Mydisplays, we proudly use numerous printing technologies that environmentally friendly. Our state-of-the-art latex, UV, and texture printing machines enable us to give you top quality printed Dibond. This makes us a complete one-stop shop where you can just fill in a form and tell us what you are exactly looking for. Our in-house manufacture department professionally rounds out the entire production process according to your instructions and sample artwork. When you make your Dibond Aluminium Panel with us we give you the most reliable, professional and effective finished product.


  • High corrosion resistance

  • Excellent processing parameters

  • Colour quality, trueness and colour thickness

  • Absolutely flat surface

  • Applicable for screen printing

  • UV protection

  • Optimized for outdoor use

  • Low thermal expansion compared to plastic materials

  • Low weight combined with high stiffness and dimensional stability

  • Cost-effective through flat transportation and local installation


  • Creative work

  • Decorative lighting

  • Digital printing

  • Displays (POS/POP)

  • Exhibition design

  • Interior design 

  • Lettering

  • Partitions / cladding

  • Screen printing

  • Shop design / shop fitting

  • Signage

my Dibond Aluminium Panel product data
Material propertiesB1 certified, 3 mm thick aluminium composite board, shape retaining & long-life, weatherproof
Material texturewhite, matt, smooth, butlerfinish silver
Printing technologyHP latex technology, UV direct printing, film lettering
Print qualityISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard
Applicationindoor, outdoor, company signs, shop and exhibition construction, long-term advertising, banner ad, construction signs
Cutting optionsrectangular to final size, rectangular to final size with curved edges, Outer contour cut - simple form
Optional assembly accessoriesonly holes with a Ø not less than 6 mm, double sided adhesive tape, stainless steel wall spacer
Data deliverydata upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post / data media, Wetransfer
Data formatPDF (PDF/X4)
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  1. my Dibond Aluminium Panel
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    top quality
    top quality, delivery in time. Thanks.
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