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my Canvas Print

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The my Canvas Print (without stretcher) will brighten up every indoor area. Whatever graphic you decide to choose – it will be difficult to distinguish the reprint from the original.
  • For any stretcher frame
  • Real canvas fabric
  • Excellent colours
  • Optional 100% cotton
  • Eco-friendly UV print

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Article description

my Canvas Print further details

Are you considering redecorating your home or workspace but don't want to lose the organics of the place?

my Canvas Print might be the option, you have been looking for!

Yes, my Canvas Print helps you add brightness and spark to your living room, bedroom and office space without much hassle. All you need to do is look for the pictures, patterns or artwork that you need to add a life to you dull and boring walls.

Read on to know more about my Canvas Print

  • Printing: The printing of my My Canvas Print is done with premium class eco-friendly, odour-free, weather resistant, no fade, and abrasion resistant UV direct printing. The most solicited after in the market ISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard print quality is assured while we print your statics. Our standard maximum print width is 150 cm print web. The print quality is so good that it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the original and the print from Mydisplays.

  • Properties: My Canvas Print is the option that helps you create the living or work space that you were always carving for. Add your very own touch to your home, office or restaurant with this wonder product from Mydisplays. Our canvas prints give you a delightfully textured, 3-dimensional and elegant appearance that goes with every design or plan. The prints include the lively look, fade-resistant printing and when they are mounted on a sturdy, warp-resistant frame they just look stunning. My Canvas Print is made out of 320g/m² polyester, you can also choose a 100% cotton canvas. This is 390g/m² strong photo canvas that is sturdy and durable. The B1 certification makes it an ideal product for home and workplace. My Canvas Print has a light texture and semigloss look. The colour os natural white.

  • Applications: My Canvas Print will make any space invigorating and energetic. They can be used for elegant indoor settings like houses, facility, and stores. Wall and room designs at hotels, resorts and entryways. At business events, they can be used for company information frames.

Here are some unique uses of my photo wallpaper:

  • Home Decor- Selected artwork canvas and pictures printed on canvas on your walls will add an instant intimate touch and enhance the style outcome. From the photos of artistic motifs to the subtlest texture, canvas print makes an intentional statement.

  • Stylish Displays to the Backgrounds- The sophisticated My Canvas Prints can be the complete life for a dull background when you want to display best something that stands out.

  • Warmth- Some family moments or photos of nature can bring warmth to family rooms and waiting areas at the workplace.

  • First Impressions- Take your style a groove up by adding My Canvas Prints to your house and office entrance and impress everyone.

  • Centre of Attraction- Print and hang your favourite My Canvas Prints on one of the walls of your ideal space in contrast with the wall colours. This can make your bedroom super stylish.

  • Customizability- My Canvas Prints is all about what you choose and what you like seeing around you on your office and home walls. We offer you 100% flexibility when you choose and print your canvas with Mydisplays. As per your taste and requirement, all you need to do is mention the dimensions in our configuration form. Just fill in the length and breadth of the poster and get a perfect size that will decorate your walls. Next comes the cutting and shape options for your, My Canvas Prints which are rectangular to final size, Outer contour cut - simple form.Simply follow the instructions and send us your photo file through data upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post/data media, Wetransfer in PDF format. Despite this, you can also choose to print your canvas either on polyester fabric or 100% cotton. Polyester vs Cotton canvas prints.

Polyester: Mostly applied for bulk projects as it’s more pocket-friendly. The polyester canvas is softer than 100% cotton canvas. It’s frequently used for décor purposes, beautifying signage and even banners and wallcoverings. It is for those who prefer a smoother surface for photography imitations compared to traditional-looking canvas.

Cotton: 100% cotton canvases tend to have the most taste and character, which is what most people think of when they envision art canvas. But because they are made up of 100% natural fibers, there are more likely to give a more natural white look. It keeps the look more natural and original. That’s great for a custom, one-of-a-kind, unique print.

Let Mydisplays put life into your space:

Mydisplays is the ideal spot to do get your My Canvas Prints. As we always use the special quality supplies and we deliver exceptional prints within great timelines. Our rates are great, and satisfaction guarantee is the best in the industry. Not to mention, Mydisplays comes with long years of experience as an online printing avenue that helps you create a great impact.

Custom Digital Printing Features:

• Suitable for any stretcher frame

• Real canvas fabric

• Excellent colours

• Optional 100% cotton

• Eco-friendly UV print

• Strong photo canvas

• B1 certified

my Canvas Print product data
Material propertiesB1 certified, 100% cotton
Material texturelight texture, semigloss, natural white
Printing technologyUV direct printing
Print qualityISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard
Applicationindoor, stretcher frame, art print
Maximum print width140 cm pro Druckbahn
Cutting optionsrectangular to final size, Outer contour cut - simple form
Data deliverydata upload, Dropbox, e‐mail (up to 20 MB), FTP, by post / data media, Wetransfer
Data formatPDF (PDF/X4)
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