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my 3D Logo Special

Article No.: MYD60400
  • Standard to Sep-28-2020.
You would like to design your own and individual 3D letters, logos and letterings? Then we have the right solution for you. Be as creative as you like with the my 3D Logo Special.
  • More individual 3D letters
  • Materials & colours combinable
  • Personal contact person for you
  • Guidance and planning
  • Mounting service in Germany

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Article description

my 3D Logo Special further details

Your business logo establishes the identity of your business and plays a major part in attracting more inquiries and eventually more customers both new and old one. Wheather you are a sole proprietorship or a big enterprise the power of your logo will always influence your sales. Be it your permanent spot or a trade fair logo, it does play an important role. Hence, it is important to get the most outstanding logos in terms of colour, contrast, 3D letters, logos and letterings. Mydisplays brings to you the ultimate solution- my 3D Logo Special that helps you create the most innovative and unique logo for your business. Read on to know more about my 3D Logo Special

  • Properties: my 3D Logo Special truly like it's name is an ultimate product that can made exactly as per your needs and specifications in terms of material used. The unique composition is a combination of different materials and colours. The mounting service for the logos id sone in Germany. Depending upon the material the thickness varies- For Forex (hard foam) the thickness and plastics is 10 mm. For integral foam, it will be 30 mm thickness. The thickness availability for aluminium composite board (Alu-Dibond) will be 3 mm, 8 mm and 19 mm. Thr logo can also be created with acrylic glass. The material is light textured and smooth. The look and the feel depending upon the material is matt as well as glossy.

  • Applications: The my 3D Logo Special is appropriate for both indoor as well as outdoor locations. As the product is a combination of various materials and colours it is ideal for both permanent usage like company signs in shops, offices and shops windows. At the same time, the product is ideal for relatively variable usage like exhibitions and events. Put them up at meetings and sales rooms and impress your clients and customers. Ideal for decoration purposes you can easily install our my 3D Logo Special at tradeshows, road shows and at the construction sites too. Long-term advertising is also one of the great avenues to use my 3D Logo Special.

  • Printing: Mydisplays has been a printing expert for years. Same is applicable for my 3D Logo Special. We provide you with the most outstanding digital prints coupled with expressive colours. Our prints boast of utmost quality that sends out a clear message to your prospective customers. The prints and colours are weather resistant and constant displaying does not hamper the prints.. Our print quality is 6c, CMYKcm, ISO Coated v2, FOGRA 39 Standard, GMG Color Server Standard.

  • Colours: There are many bright and vivid colours available in this product. Your artwork can be printed in large sizes in most vibrant colour possible. Our palette lets you choose from a wide range of colours for the most effective quality 3D Logo. The colours to choose from are: white, signal black, light ivory, traffic yellow, traffic red, traffic green, ultramarine blue, clear, colourless if specified specification, , traffic white, traffic black, melon yellow, signal red, traffic blue, mint green, slate grey.

  • Customizability and options: The my 3D Logo Special is your design and artwork that we print for you. The size and the style all come as per your specifications and we print it for you. When you order my 3D Logo Special at Mydisplays, you get exactly what you were looking for. As per product is highly dependent on your specification so, in order to do full justice to your requirement, our dedicated team member works with you at every single step. Our team member assists you end to end through the process. As far as options are concerned the assembly available with allover self-adhesive, hidden spacers, each on the back side as well.

  • Specifications: As far as the size specifications are concerned the smallest letter needs to have a height of minimum 5 cm. The minimum line breadth must be 1.2 cm. Better results will be delivered when the objects are bigger especially when the material has a higher thickness. The sizes lesser than 5 cm cannot be manufactured as results cannot be achieved. However, as we assign you a personal contact for your job- you will be immediately informed if the task is not feasible to produce and necessary alterations will be suggested too. In case of Self-adhesive letters are not advisable for prolonged outdoor usage.

Why choose Mydisplays?

Mydisplays should be your printing partners for all your advertising projects as we have the best in market manufacturing and printing technologies We use the highest quality materials and we deliver excellent results within great timelines. Our prices are great, and our satisfaction guarantee is the best in the industry. Portability and ease of storage are the best features of this product. Not to mention, Mydisplays comes with long years of experience as an online printing avenue that helps you create a great impact.


  • Many individual 3D letters to choose from

  • Materials & colours combinable

  • Dedicated team member works with you

  • Step by step Guidance

  • Continuous strategic planning

  • Mounting service in Germany

  • Light texture

  • Matt

  • Smooth

  • Glossy


  •  Indoor

  •  Outdoor

  •  Exhibitions

  •  Events

  •  Meetings

  •  Shop window

  •  Salesroom

  •  Decoration

  •  Company signs

  •  Shop

  • Construction

  •  Long-term advertising


  • White

  • Signal black,

  • Light Ivory

  • Traffic yellow

  • Traffic red

  • Traffic green

  • Ultramarine blue

  • Traffic white

  • Traffic black

  • Melon yellow

  • Signal red

  • Traffic blue

  • Mint green

  • Slate grey

my 3D Logo Special product data
Materialup to 10 mm thickness Forex (hard foam), plastics, from 30 mm thickness integral foam, 3 mm, aluminium composite board (Alu-Dibond), 8 mm, 19 mm, acrylic glass /PETG UV, individually acc. to your specifications
Material texturelight texture, matt, smooth, glossy
Colours availablewhite, signal black, light ivory, traffic yellow, traffic red, traffic green, ultramarine blue, individually acc. to your file specification, clear, colourless, traffic white, traffic black, melon yellow, signal red, traffic blue, mint green, slate grey
Optional assembly litallover self-adhesive, hidden spacers, each on the back side
Applicationindoor, outdoor, exhibitions, events, meetings, shop window, sales room, decoration, company signs, shop and exhibition construction, long-term advertising
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